NEWCASTLE BEER FOLLOW THE MONEY - work - Martins Zelcs art director



Newcastle wanted a social activation to accomplish one thing; get more Twitter followers. They had 15k followers and they wanted 50k. Since most brands pay click farms to increase followers anyways, we figured we'd cut out the middleman and pay our new followers directly. Not only did we exceed our goal but we called bollocks on industry standards in the process.


Agency: Droga 5

Client: Newcastle Brown Ale

Creative Chairman: David Droga

Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer

Group Creative Director: Scott Bell

Art Director: Martins Zelcs

Copywriter: Bryan Stokely

Chief Creation Officer: SallyAnn Dale

Digital Strategy Director: Dan Neumann

Digital Strategist: Nick Maschmeyer

Social Strategist: Rebecca Russell

Associate Broadcast Producer: Goldie Robbens

Editor: Matt Badger


Results 35'000 new twitter followers.